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Grow your Lottery Market with Open Multichannel Distribution

Many prospective lottery players want the increased convenience of purchasing through non-traditional retail channels and ideally, on demand through any web or wireless connected device. Enabling this is the key to growing the market and reaching new consumers.

Our Secure Open Multichannel Distribution Platform, which is built on open Internet standard protocols and technologies, enables lottery institutions and leading regulated gaming networks to significantly increase the electronic distribution of their products and services to new non-traditional channels, while increasing their flexibility and lowering their costs. The platform can work in conjunction with traditional Lottery terminal networks and can enable those networks to offer other value added services and products. New electronic distribution opportunities enabled include:

  • Internet & Mobile
  • Retail POS Networks
  • Wireless Lottery Terminals
  • Electronic Lottery Terminals (ELTs)

Embrace open platform Lottery systems... Increase your addressable market... Free yourself from costly & proprietary hardware. Let us show you how!